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The directors and sales team loved the brand identity straight-away, the designs clearly set contemporary expectations while helping our customers distinguish Bilue at a glance. That this went so smoothly and achieved such immediate buy-in is a testament to the professionalism and hard work of Momentum Digital Creative.

Ruth Neech
Ruth Neech
Talent and Culture Manager


Bilue is one of Australia’s most innovative software developers. Bilue provide digital solutions and create iOS & Android Apps for the likes of Stan, Ticketek, NAB and many more high profile clients. Momentum was commissioned to create a bold, contemporary identity. The brand needed to be flexible enough to work for a wide range of existing and new brand touchpoints.


After in-depth discussions with the client and mindful research of industry competitors, our priority became the creation of a distinct, contemporary identity and a family of brand touchpoints. Clean lines help establish a contemporary efficient feel while the ‘whale tail’ and an enhanced blue palette honours it’s origins and helps bring to life a unique brand logo.

Before & After

A before and after look at the Bilue touchpoints:




A refreshing look & feel for one of Sydney's icons

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