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Pure Valley

Branding a product for an ever-changing market.


Pure Valley is one of Australia’s most contemporary beef products. Created to provide butchers and chefs with budget choice without compromising quality. Momentum was commissioned to create a bold, contemporary identity for this innovative meat supplier. The brand needed to be flexible enough to work for a budget and premium product whilst eliciting ‘quality and consistency’ as a theme central to the companies core goals.


Following detailed discussions with the client and mindful research of product competitors, our priority became the creation of a flexible, bold and contemporary identity to accommodate the two key price points. Clean lines and used throughout the identity to reflect a modern brand. The device is paired with a simple complimentary palette and confident typographic applications.


The brand identity was met with universal acclaim from the directors and sales team. Whilst it is too early to gauge the full impact of the new identity on the future of the product, early adopters have responded positively. Following the design of the identity, we were commissioned to create package designs and aprons for both the premium and select product lines.


The directors and sales team loved the brand identity straight-away, both designs clearly set expectations while helping our customers distinguish between products at a glance. That this went so smoothly and achieved such immediate buy-in is a testament to the professionalism and hard work of Momentum Digital Creative.

Jess Waghorn
Head of Marketing

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